Invited to Courageous Love


Invited to Courageous Love, a catechetical 5-part film series, will lead you to a deeper understanding of the lives of people who experience same-sex attractions. Watch as men and women give their personal testimonies about living with same-sex attraction, and parents share their experience of loving someone who identifies as LGBT. You will also hear experts speak with clarity and charity on these important topics: Christian anthropology, medical and social sciences, and pastoral care.

The series includes Spanish subtitles.  Download the free Spanish-language study guide.  Para descargar la Guía de Estudio en español, haga click aquí.  An English-language study guide is included with the DVD set.

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Invited to Courageous Love is a 5-part film series designed to lead viewers to a deeper understanding of the experience of same-sex attractions, and give them tools for supporting individuals and families for whom same-sex attraction is a lived reality.

The series features personal stories from men and women who experience same-sex attraction, as well as from parents of persons who identify as LGBT. Putting these lived experiences into context, experts offer their insight from the point of view of Christian anthropology, medical and social sciences, and pastoral care.

The five DVDs come with a detailed study guide, making it ideal for either private viewing or as part of a pastoral outreach program.*


Disc 1: The Good News About Chaste Love

Seven members of Courage share personal stories about the “lived reality” of their same-sex attraction and how they came to discover and embrace the interior freedom of chastity, a virtue that permeates all aspects of one’s life – the joy of a life transformed.

Disc 2: Sex and Sexuality in the Divine Design

“What is sex for?” This simple question – often met with conflicting answers – is unpacked and examined in light of the Catholic anthropology of the human person and Natural Law, including a look at sexual identity and complementarity

Disc 3: Insights from the Medical and Social Sciences

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says the “psychological genesis” of homosexuality “remains largely unexplained.” (CCC2357) At the same time, a proper understanding of the social and medical sciences connected to homosexuality can help resolve difficulties.

Disc 4: Same-Sex Attraction and the Family

For a daughter, son or other loved one, “coming out” to announce they are “lesbian” or “gay” can be a significant, life-changing event. Members of EnCourage – the support group for parents and others – share stories and practical insights on how to keep both faith and relationships intact. 

Disc 5: Providing Authentic Pastoral Care

Everyone from the priest in the confessional to the Catholic in the pew is called to understand, care for and love the same-sex attracted man or woman. This program helps reveal authentic paths to truth and compassion, including the strength and support of a Courage group. 


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