Courage International, Inc. Presents

Sports Camp
An Annual Event Held in May

Sports Camp is a dynamic men’s weekend of athletics, fellowship, and prayer designed for members of Courage and other men who experience same-sex attraction who also desire to build and live the virtue of chastity.  All are welcome, regardless of past sports experience or skill level.  This exhilarating event provides an opportunity for men to learn how to play team sports with encouragement, coaching, and an abundance of Christian fellowship. Once again, the Lions and Dolphins will face each other in softball, football, basketball, and soccer in the annual epic battle for the coveted Harvey Cup! Sports Camp men physically compete on the field while enriching their souls through a daily regimen of prayer, confession, Mass, and the Liturgy of the Hours.

I learned that while sports are “just a game,” playing hard serves a very important purpose: it is an exercise in perseverance, in seeking victory in the battles of life, which is much more than “just a game.” — Louis

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Build skills & become a team player

Learn the jargon, have fun at drills, and play some of today’s most popular sports in a highly supportive and morally positive environment, with the encouragement of veteran players and the guidance of expert coaches.

Every man is welcome regardless of age, experience or fitness level. Everyone is assigned to a team, everyone plays, and everyone shares a memorable experience of fellowship and comradery.

Awesome weekend! I had a blast physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I enjoyed the fellowship, prayer, and of course, sports! — Steve, Ohio

For the body AND the soul . . .

Sports Camp is also a boot camp for spiritual warfare where you can develop virtue and build genuine masculine spirituality:

•  Love your adversaries / competitors even if they beat you at a game.

•  Forgive your brothers / teammates if things don’t go as you hoped.

•  Support one another with authentic encouragement.

•   Witness healthy fraternal correction from coaches, team captains and teammates.

•  Celebrate success and overcome setbacks with genuine humility.

The spiritual experience is fully incorporated throughout the weekend.  Courage chaplains offer daily Mass, hear confessions, and lead men in prayer including the Holy Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, and the Liturgy of the Hours.

It was very moving to get to connect with other guys in such a positive and healthy way. Sports Camp is an awesome, healing experience. I really thank God for this incredible weekend. — Eric, Florida

More testimonials from past participants!

The accommodations were great. The setting was peaceful. Wonderful experience. Yes, my muscles were sore but my heart was thankful and the experience was a blessing from God. — John, Indiana

Every man who experiences same-sex attraction should attend the Sports Camp at least once. It gives us a boost in our confidence in playing sports. The two best things about Sports Camp are the awesome fellowship, and the wonderful chance it has given me to let go of the years of shame and humiliation I have experienced around sports. — Ted, Pennsylvania

Courage Sports Camp conditions both body and soul. — Bob, Iowa

The way the game is played and the fellowship among the men at Courage Sports Camp is on par with or better than any team or league. — Tom, Virginia

I released my fear and shame surrounding sports and realized that I’m not as bad as I thought! — Andy, Pennsylvania