Contrary to what the enemy may have convinced you of thus far, I’m promising you that you are not alone.

The Body of Christ consists of a variety of persons all striving to live faithfully as disciples, all coming from a variety of racial backgrounds, economic classes, and social groups, many of whom carry the same cross that you and I do: the cross of same-sex attractions.

Now I know what you have probably been thinking all of your life: “I thought I was the only one?”

I used to believe the same lie, convinced that nobody else in the Church understood exactly what I was going through and the weight pressing on me.

For the longest time, I too believed that I was carrying this cross to Calvary all on my own.
But I am not the only one.
And neither are you.

My friend, I am here to assure you that you most certainly are not the only Catholic who experiences same-sex attractions.
In fact, it’s likely that there exists a far greater prevalence of this unique cross amongst the faithful than you might have ever imagined.
I’m sure this all sounds too good to be true though, right?

I know what you’re probably thinking: there’s absolutely NO WAY that there are only more than a handful of sheep amongst the Lord’s vast flock who are experiencing the same desires that you and I do and are also struggling to resist the temptations of the secular world…
But there really are.

By now you’re probably asking yourself “How can he be so sure of that?”
Well, by the generous grace of God, I can say that I have been gifted with a variety of opportunities to encounter countless people who are just like us.
Multitudes of men and women, ranging in age and skin tone, who share the same experience as you and I do.

Whether it has been through Courage International or through my own ministry platform, I have had the absolute privilege of accompanying so many brothers and sisters as they too have journeyed with this cross.
They too felt like they were alone.
They also thought that they were the only ones…
But they aren’t. We aren’t.
They exist. You exist. I exist.
We make up a part of the Body of Christ that is alive and so special.
Yet we also make up a part of the Body of Christ that feels so alone and small at times.
But fear not, beloved.
You are not alone.

Find rest in the reality that there exists a great number of disciples within the Church who look and feel just like we do.
They too sit in the pews at Sunday Mass.
They too wrestle with the daily sufferings of our circumstance.
They too rejoice in the immense freedom found in this sacrifice.

My friend, you are so loved.
My friend, you belong here in the Catholic Church.
My friend, you are not carrying this cross by yourself.
In fact, there are so many others trying to be saints and walking alongside you on this mighty road to Calvary.

I am here to assure you that this narrow road isn’t as empty as you may perceive it to be.
I promise you that you are not alone.

*    *    *

Courage member Emmanuel (Manny) Gonzalez is from Dallas, Texas. He is currently a Junior at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is studying towards a degree in Social Work. Manny’s courageous testimony has previously been featured through Courage International as well as the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team. He has spoken at various events and engagements, including ones sponsored by the St. Thomas Aquinas Society and Franciscan University, and most recently he was a guest on Jason Evert’s podcast. You can follow Manny on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and on his blog What A Beautiful Cross.


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