Leyden Rovelo-Krull

Leyden Rovelo-Krull is the daughter of immigrant parents who settled in New York City and has worked in both corporate and legal sectors, giving voice to Latino issues through participation in community outreach and organization. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Legal and Policy studies from the Jesuit Fordham University. Mrs. Rovelo-Krull ran the offices of a Latino-founded, international multi-media social platform before following God’s call into religious formation. She taught RCIA and adult faith formation for over twelve years. 
Currently she serves as the Director of Hispanic Ministry in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph after leaving her work with a non-profit, bipartisan association. Mrs. Rovelo-Krull spearheads the efforts of many different ministries in the diocese, but calls the parishioner volunteers who make them succeed, the real heroes. 
One day she dreams of living full-time in her RV roaming the country and teaching the faith. She lives in Kansas with her amazing husband and wonderful mother. She is plotting how to sneak a puppy into the house.