A Practical Introduction to Lectio Divina

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What Courage Members Would Like Clergy to Know

Clergy are often called upon to minister to persons with same-sex attraction (SSA). This can be a grace-filled opportunity, yet those called upon to counsel persons with SSA or to hear their confessions may not be sure how best to respond. Courage members offer these suggestions.


At the 2014 Courage Conference in Philadelphia, Bp. Daniel E Thomas, Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Philadelphia, gives the third homily where he uses the Italian version of the word courage, "coraggio", with all its rich meanings and relates it to the courage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Immaculate Heart so that we can take courage in these difficult times.

Judge Not? Clarifying a New Testament Understanding of Judgement

At the 2014 Courage Conference in Philadelphia at Villanova University, Andrew Comiskey's applies this theme to the moral issues of today, especially homosexuality.