With Open Hearts

The topic of homosexuality is something that needs to be addressed in our Church – but in a way that is both sensitive and authentically Catholic. With more and more voices competing for our attention, (and the attention of our youth) we thought it most reasonable to compose a narrative of those whose voices are generally silenced – those who the world might define as LGBTQ, but who have found that the Catholic Church is where they belong, along each and every one of us as we journey towards Christ and Christian virtue.

This is more than a testimony as it also draws people into a deeper understanding of what the Church upholds to be true, and why. As well, this resource serves to elevate the standard of conversation on this topic (and related topics) beyond the matter of “us versus them” in hopes of offering a unified, sensitive, and authentically Catholic approach – one that may be more suited to reach hearts.

These resources (in PDF) can be downloaded at the links below.
Catholic Version
Protestant Version

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With Open Hearts approaches the important and sensitive topic of homosexuality with characteristic candor, orthodoxy and charity. I hope that this resource will bear great fruit as the beginning of a dialogue with the modern world about the Catholic Church and its approach to homosexuality.” – Father Philip Bochanski, Associate Director of Courage International

With Open Hearts is one of the best resources I know of for generating a rational and helpful dialogue on such a vitally important and sensitive subject. Many people stand to be blessed by it!” – Father Joseph R. Jacobson, Retired Chancellor for the Catholic Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan (Alberta, Canada), and Former Lutheran Bishop

Because new ideas can be challenging for us to grasp and integrate into our lives, sometimes we need help to open our hearts and minds to the very concepts that can free us to see ourselves as God does. The best resources for dealing with potentially divisive topics understand and reverence human dignity in all its glorious complexity. Wise and engaging, this beautiful guide is such a resource and will equip and inspire readers – regardless of their attractions or inclinations – to embrace the great worth of their own persons, made in the image and likeness of our gentle and holy God.” – Lisa Mladinich, Author of “True Radiance: Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life” and Founder of AmazingCatechists.com

If we think that truth alone can shift the cultural tides at this hour, then we have already lost. However, love in truth has the power to truly bridge the gulf between doctrine and the brokenness of our times, even if it is one heart at a time. “With Open Hearts” is such a bridge that employs the tenderness and openness of Jesus with the “truth that sets us free.” It is precisely the kind of tone that Pope Francis calls forth in his blueprint for Evangelization, Evangelii Gaudium.” – Mark Mallett, Catholic Author and Speaker