Blessed are Those Who Believe: Faith and Fidelity Today

Author: Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

Published: 2011 Conference

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix, AZ gives a talk called“Blessed are Those Who Believe: Faith and Fidelity Today” at the Conference. He covers the virtues in general and then focuses on Faith in particular and how to stay strong in this virtue when today’s world is so discouraging. He does this by examining the life of Blessed John Paul II whom he personally knew. Of the many virtues that the Blessed Pope had, Faith is what stands out the most and this is based on his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary who as St. Elizabeth proclaimed “Blessed is she who believe.” He grew in faith despite having experienced many personal and national tragedies in Poland in World War II and the communist aftermath. This Faith involves three elements 1. Trust in God completely, 2. Assent, a free assent to the whole truth, 3. Obedience, to what God asks us to do.