Sacramental – Theology Means of Grace, Ways of Life

Author: Kurt Stasiak, O.S.B.

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This text is an introduction to the history, theology, and pastoral practice of the Church’s liturgy and her sacraments. It will help readers:

  • Realize how the liturgy is understood as the work of the Church and the work of God
  • Examine the sacraments as visible signs
  • Understand how and why the sacraments confer the gift of grace
  • Clarify the meaning of “the institution of the sacraments by Christ”
  • Examine a brief history of the early development of each of the seven sacraments
  • Grasp the importance of Baptism as the sacramental action of the Church that makes us Christian and Catholic
  • Understand the history and theology of the Eucharist
  • Examine the theological and pastoral implications of the Church’s sacramental life