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Online Support

Courage offers online and email discussion groups for individuals, spouses, family and friends, and priests. Select a forum below and click the button to view the group page. To join a group you will need to create a Yahoo account (free) if you don't already have one. After you request membership in a group you will be sent posting guidelines and goals, which you will need to complete and return via email.


For anyone who experiences same sex attractions

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Courage Bible Study

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Courage Latino

For Hispanics and Latinos struggling with same sex attractions

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Courageous Clergy

For priests ministering to persons experiencing same-sex attractions

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EnCourage General

For friends and family of loved ones with same-sex attractions

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EnCourage Spouses

For spouses of individuals with same-sex attractions

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For ladies who experience same sex attractions

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For those who want to pray, fast and sacrifice in reparation for sins against human sexuality in the spirit of Fatima

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Young Adults

For those 18-24 who experience same sex attractions

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How to Send a Message

After your membership in a group is confirmed e-mail messages will come to your e-mail or be available for access on the Yahoo Group page (you can configure these settings in Yahoo). These messages will be from each member of the Group that sends an email. To send an email to everyone in the Group do the following:

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  1. Send your emails to the Post Message email address listed on the Group page.
  2. Always include information about your email in the subject line. This helps all members sort their email messages.
  3. Include your first name in the Email and if you wish further identification you might want to include the State or City you are from.

Conversation Starter Suggestions

Looking for some ideas for discussion? Here are some for starters.

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  • The need for group support and friendship
  • Understanding chastity and living it (what does this mean? how do we do it?)
  • Spiritual helps (Mass, rosary, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, group support, spiritual reading, daily prayer)
  • Dealing with the temptation to fantasize sexually, and/or masturbate
  • Pornography and addiction
  • Gender identity; self image
  • The need for healthy, chaste same-sex friendships
  • Learning to relate to the other sex
  • Relationship with parents, other family members and/or friends
  • Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Emotional woundedness
  • Emotional dependency
  • Sexual abuse
  • How to develop the virtue of self-control
  • How do I start a Courage group?
  • How do I bring up this topic in the confessional?
  • Accountability and honesty (regular spiritual direction, confession, etc)
  • Isolation
  • Dealing with guilt and/or feelings of shame and unworthiness
  • Should I tell my spouse, if he/she doesn't already know about my struggle OR (if my spouse already knows) how can my spouse help me?
  • If I want to get married some day, is there hope for me?
  • Was I "born this way"?
  • Should I refer to myself as "gay" or "lesbian"?

Please Note

The Group Moderator reserves the right to not include any email messages that are attempts to knock down Courage and it's adherence to Church teaching, or any members of the Group. This is a place to be uplifted and to uplift others as we journey onward.