Move beyond the confines of the homosexual label to a more complete identity in Christ

Courage on Call

phoneCourage On Call is a phone bridge of the Courage Apostolate whose aim is to reach out to those who struggle with same sex attraction wishing to live chastely, but who do not have access to a local Courage chapter or on-line Courage group. COC follows the format of face-to-face Courage meetings although we happen to “only” hear the voices of other members without seeing their faces. For this reason, COC would very much suit anyone who may wish to maintain their strict anonymity . Courage On Call, in line with the Five Goals of Courage, offers a great opportunity to grow in the virtue of chastity through the support of chaste friendships.

Our Fellowship

We currently hold our Courage On Call meetings every Tuesday at 6.00 pm EST (time in New York, USA) – 11.00pm Greenwich Time (time in London, UK). Please call back later if the Host is being delayed and not opening the meeting on time.

If you need help determining the corresponding time in your time zone, click here. The bridge call is free of charge for US residents, but a distance fee may be applied. Callers outside the US should use an International card or Skype, or have a deal for International calls on their phone contract in order to have a low charge. Please dial +1-218-862-1415 to enter the phone bridge. Then dial 4567891# to enter the meeting room and wait for the Host to arrive. Once a second member arrives, the  music will stop and everyone will be able to hear each other. This phone bridge has a mute feature to prevent background noise from disrupting the meeting. please press *6 to mute your line whenever you are not sharing. You may press *6 again to un-mute. The *6 key is a toggle switch. There is a prompt confirming muting and a live mike.

Facebook Group

Courage on Call is also extended on Facebook as a secret group (invisible to the public domain to protect anonymity). Join this group to see the discussion, post and comment here, or contact George Day at

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